Trauma Bonding (Why People Bond With Their Abusers)

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Trauma bonding, as the name suggests, has to do with attaching to someone via a traumatic event and/or ongoing treatment. Often referred to as “Stockholm Syndrome,” wherein hostages bond with their captors — sometimes even assuming their captors’ views. Trauma bonding is common with abused children, who cry for their abusive parents when taken away by Children Services, victims of abuse often develop a strong sense of loyalty towards their abuser, despite the fact that the bond is damaging to them.

In life, we repeat the patterns of behavior and treatment that we were exposed to as a child. This is because, at a young age, we are malleable and therefore vulnerable to healthy/non-healthy treatment by our primary caregivers. Therefore, when we are able to recognize the patterns in choosing unhealthy people/situations that make us vulnerable to boundary violations, manipulation and abuse of all sorts, we can reclaim the healthier life that we deserve.

In this webinar we’ll learn exactly what trauma bonding is and how to break free from the cycle. Register Now!

Three Take-A-Ways from the Trauma Bonding Webinar

  1. Viewers will learn about Trauma Bonding.
  2. Viewers will learn how to recognize Trauma Bonding.
  3. Viewers will learn steps to take to reverse Trauma Bonding.


Nancy Kalina Gomez Edelstein, NBCC, LPC completed her graduate doctoral course requirements in Psychodynamic Psychology at The George Washington University and received a Master’s in Clinical and Counseling Psychology at Columbia University.

Nancy is a bilingual (Spanish/English) licensed and certified (New Jersey) clinician with over two decades of experience treating and assessing patients/clients for services. She has worked as Clinical Director managing staff, case direction, grant guidelines and agency policy. She has worked in both the United States and South America with the following populations: Triply diagnosed (HIV+/Substance Abuse and mentally ill), gang members, abused/neglected children and their families, domestic violence (victims and perpetrators), severely mentally ill, transgender/transitioning, LGBTQ.


Webinar is Free, Registration is Required

This webinar is a live, 45-minute seminar with a PowerPoint presentation followed by a Q&A moderated by Gabe Howard, host of The Psych Central Podcast. There is no charge for the webinar, but registration is required. All registrants will receive a link to the recording.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 5 PM – 6 PM EDT

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