Psychology Around the Net: August 1, 2020

This week’s Psychology Around the Net takes a look at expert opinions on reopening schools for students’ mental health, new research on the impact of text messaging intervention as an add-on to existing mental health treatment plans, the differences in how female narcissists and male narcissists display narcissistic personality traits, and more.

Be well, friends!

Should Schools Reopen for Students’ Mental Health? Experts Weigh In: Mental health experts offer arguments for the importance of school for kids’ developmental health, with CDC Director Dr. Robert R. Redfield stressing, “It is critically important for our public health to open schools this fall.” However, others point out that while reopening schools might have some children feeling excited, it could have others feeling anxious and afraid and returning to school in person or virtually should be individualized. Says Dr. Avanti Bergquist, a child and adolescent psychiatrist and school board member: “Whether we are sending students back for in-person school or not, we need to put emphasis on providing mental health support.”

8 Women of Color on What Self-Care Looks Like in a Racist Society: 31-year-old Jasmine Purdie: “As a Black photographer, I wanted to remind myself and my community that there is room for joy, peace, and rest in this work—especially in the middle of a global pandemic. I took a few road trips to visit, photograph, and interview (safely, of course!) some of the most important women in my life on how they are caring for themselves during this time. I hope these photos and anecdotes help us remember that while we are fighting and looking out for everyone, we also have to take time to care for ourselves.”

Seven Secrets to Success: Patience, Purpose, Perseverance, Pain, Planning, Pep and Positivity: Find out how one woman used patience, purpose, perseverance, pain, planning, pep, and positivity to overcome obstacles and setbacks and make it to — and through — her first year of medical school.

Are Female Narcissists Different? Psychologists Weigh In: Narcissism doesn’t have a favorite gender, but studies do show that men tend to display narcissistic personality traits more than women. Key word here: display. So, how can you spot a narcissistic behavior in women?

Text Messaging: The Next Gen of Therapy in Mental Health: Because of reasons like cost, difficulty accessing care, and limited hours, clinic-based services for mental health may fall short of meeting many patients’ needs. Researchers out of Dartmouth College studied what kind of impact a texting intervention as an add-on to a mental health treatment program would have compared to a program without a texting intervention and found that a texting intervention service can be a clinically promising, feasible tool for people with serious mental illness. This is the first randomized controlled trial of its kind.

What to Expect from Your Adopted Child: Insights from Behavioral Genetics: Professor Kay Trimberger explains why she found her studies of behavioral genetics so useful when writing Creole Son: An Adoptive Mother Untangles Nature and Nurture.

Image by 潜辉 韦 from Pixabay.

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