This Plant In The Home Can Kill A Child In less Than A Minute And An Adult In 15 Minutes!

Many of us love beautiful green plants and we grow them in our homes. However, what many may not know is that there are some plants that actually can have disastrous effects on our health and well-being. The situation gets worse if children, unaware of the danger, come into contact with some of these plants.

Namely, this is an advice from a parent who is appealing to be cautious around these poisonous plants after experiencing a great loss.

“I have recently lost my angel of 3 years, who mistakenly swallowed leaf of this poisonous plant, her tongue swelled and lead her to death. This poisonous plant snatched my daughter so I am warning everyone to not keep this and similar plants having the same poisonous characteristics at home as it can cost a life of your loved one”.

Dieffenbachia” is a very beautiful plant and people happily keep it in homes and offices for increasing beauty of location by adding natural greenery but many are still unaware of its harmful effects.

I would honestly suggest you that either don’t keep it at your home or when you are going outside of home then take high care about your kids who left home alone.

Children death can happen within 1 minute while elders can die within 15 minutes, if consumption of any part in any quantity made.

If you have this plant in your home or office and don’t want to remove that too then you should keep some bar around it so nobody can go near that plant and get negative effects unintentionally, Such as even touching by hand and rubbing eyes with same hands can lead permanent blindness.