My Best Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day

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As Mother’s Day approaches, I’ve gotten several requests from husbands of a few readers for gift ideas for Mom when regular chocolate won’t cut it anymore.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the things I’d want to get (hint-hint honey) and feel free to add your favorites in the comments! Some of these are definitely not your typical gifts but are ones that will help Mom be healthy and happy!

I also recently found and have been loving a service called Forgetsy that lets you pre-schedule and ship cards for every occasion. I use it for family, friends, and employees and love the convenience. Use code WELLNESS10 to save 10$ here.

Experience-Based Gift Ideas for Mom

It doesn’t take a material gift to show love! I am a big fan of experience gifts or material gifts based around a skill or hobby. Often the thought behind the gift is even more personal and meaningful, and the memory of it lasts a long time!

Here are some experience-based gift ideas for mom:

  • A CSA share or meal delivery service to make her life easier
  • A picnic (if it isn’t too cold)
  • Tickets to a local theatre or performing arts center
  • A basket of seeds and gardening supplies
  • Surprise overnight getaway at a hotel — alone (ahh!) or with a friend
  • Pedicure basket or gift certificate
  • Museum passes if she likes art, science, history, etc.
  • A framed photo of a special memory with a handwritten note or a photo book/scrapbook
  • Cooking classes, personal training, or massage gift certificates or at-home massage course
  • Flowers – but give in a flower pot rather than cut flowers so she can enjoy them year-round!
  • A gift certificate to do an escape room with the family or with friends
  • An online course in something she’s been wanting to learn (and a family effort to set aside the time to do it guilt-free)
  • Anything made by her kids 🙂
  • Not having to cook or clean for a day. (This is the one I really want!)

Material Gifts for Mother’s Day (She Won’t Just Pretend She Loves)

How do you get a gift for the person that gave birth to you, cooked food for your entire childhood, and was at your side through teething/tantrums/friend drama/dating and all the other challenges of childhood?

It likely isn’t possible to find one gift that says “thanks for everything you’ve done for me” but I’ve compiled a list of gifts mom will be able to use and enjoy. These are gifts I’d give to my own mom or that I’d be thrilled to receive from my kids. Of course, nothing beats a heartfelt letter or handmade gift, but if you’ve already got those covered, here’s a list of some other ideas she’ll love!

  1. A Natural Spa Kit – This Plant Therapy gift set is designed just for moms who would love a little at-home pampering! This limited time set has the adorable message “Best Mom Ever” and comes with its own essential oil blend, body scrub, body butter, and more.
  2. Wine Subscription – The secret to a happy mom? Wine showing up at the door! Just joking of course (kind of) but if Mom is a wine lover, this is the gift that keeps on giving. I especially like this one because I never get headaches from it like I used to even from just a glass of regular wine. It’s organic, low-sugar, and free of any unhealthy additives.
  3. Royally Flawless Facial Moisturizer – Amazing facial oil with the highest quality ingredients and no junk! My mom loves this stuff and it is the only one I can use without breaking out.
  4. Wellnesse Natural Hair Care/Toothpaste – I designed my own personal care products line this year to make mom feel super pampered (and safe for the whole family!). Better yet, these formulas nourish hair and remineralize teeth with beneficial and science-backed ingredients from nature.
  5. Four Sigmatic Coffee – I guarantee she’s been wanting to try it, and Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to splurge. Also makes a great “Happy Mother’s Day to me” gift! 🙂 If she’s not into mushroom coffee, try a bag of smooth, amazing Purity Coffee. I often blend the two.
  6. New Cookware – We’re all cooking at home more than ever. I know using my beautiful set of non-toxic cookware from Caraway brings me joy every day! I also love this cookware from Our Place, and the code WELLNESSMAMA gives $10 off. (Can’t decide? See my full cookware review here.)
  7. Real Plans Membership – I love this meal planning service that lets me plan our meals each week in just minutes and shop in half the time. Give mom some time off by saving her time on meal planning and prep (and even better, plan and shop for her for a few weeks!)
  8. Amazon Prime Membership – Get free 2-day shipping on many items, plus free streaming music and movies and now unlimited photo storage too.
  9. Myobuddy Massager – An amazing handheld massager that rivals what chiropractors use in-office (in fact, some of them do). This percussive massager heats up, vibrates, and feels like a real massage. Especially a great gift for nursing, which can be so hard on the neck, shoulders, and back. Use the code WELLNESSMAMA for $150 off all massager packs and some other special discounts.
  10. Shiatsu Massage Pillow – I received this as a gift and absolutely love it! It rivals an actual massage and I use it all the time after long days of cooking and holding babies.
  11. Daily Harvest Smoothie Box – These real-food smoothies are super nourishing and delicious. These are my quick-fix snack or treat just for me. All you need is a freezer and a blender. The gift box option also lets the recipient pick the varieties, so you don’t have to guess what they would like!
  12. Hydroflask Water Bottle – These steel bottles are cute and really functional! They keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12.
  13. RTIC Tumbler – This one performs as well as the high-priced Yeti and I use mine all the time. Great for coffee, smoothies, and water.
  14. Wake-up Light Gentle Alarm Clock – Waking up can stink, especially after a long night of being up with littles. Wake up gently to gradual light and sound with this wake-up light.
  15. Himalayan Salt Lamp – Soothing warm orange glow at night from these beautiful lamps.
  16. Blue Blocker Glasses – I wear these after dark for better sleep (some studies show that avoiding blue light after dark helps melatonin levels).
  17. Sleep Master Sleep Mask – A sleep mask that is actually comfortable! Great for travel or home.
  18. 10,000 Lux Happy Light – I use this super-bright light in the morning to keep my cortisol levels healthy.
  19. Anything Le Creuset – Incredible (but pricey) dishes. I’ve been collecting a few pieces over the years and resisting the urge to buy it all!
  20. Dry Brush Set – Brushing isn’t just for hair and teeth. Brushing skin can help it stay smooth, supple, and may improve collagen. It also feels great and is super-relaxing.
  21. French Press Coffee Maker – Coffee is my sanity some days. If the mom in your life is the same way, help her ditch the toxic plastic coffee maker with a glass french press or any of these non-toxic coffee makers.
  22. Instant Pot – Revolutionize dinner! This electric pressure cooker makes roasts in about an hour and turns tough cuts of meat into deliciously tender meals.
  23. Grown-up Coloring Book and Markers – Coloring isn’t for kids anymore and studies show it may reduce stress levels. Try a “grown up coloring book.”
  24. Kokomo Cream Organic Deodorant – This natural deodorant smells like the tropics and lasts for months.
  25. The Wellness Mama Cookbook or The Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox – Ok, I’m biased, but my cookbook is filled with two hundred delicious real-food recipes that our family loves (and I know yours will too!).
  26. Wine Bottle Tiki Torch – Upcycle old wine bottles with these adorable tiki-torch kits.
  27. A Sauna – While we’re dreaming, how about a sauna? A sound-proof house of her own away from everything that will also improve her health!? She’ll be thanking you for years! I also love this lower cost personal sauna and used it for years in my bedroom.

Understandably some companies are shipping slow this year, but no worries, slip a picture of the gift in a box or a card and she’ll have something to look forward to!

Bottom Line: Show Mom Lots of Love!

I’m not always a fan of Hallmark holidays, but moms give so much day in and day out (pregnancy and childbirth just for starters!) and certainly deserve to be celebrated. Show Mom a little (or a lot) of extra love and care this Mother’s Day and every day… hopefully some of these ideas help!

What are your favorite natural gifts for mothers? Please share below!