Is Healthcare Sharing the Future of Health?

There is a huge range of opinions when it comes to discussing the current state of healthcare, but one opinion seems almost universal: something needs to change! My guest today, James Maskell, is a true innovator for positive change in the health community. He has spent over 10 years now innovating at the cross-section of functional medicine and community, which we are going to explain in-depth today.

Just some of his accomplishments so far include creating the Functional Forum, the world’s largest integrative medicine conference, and writing a bestselling book called Evolution of Medicine, which is full of ideas about the future of medicine and how health professionals can work toward a predictive and preventative model. More recently he founded a new company called KNEW Health, which is an affordable alternative to health insurance specifically for health-conscious people.

Episode Highlights With KNEW Health

  • Why we need more functional medicine doctors
  • The difference between integrative and functional medicine
  • Why America is the best place to be for emergency care but the worst for a chronic illness
  • The shocking average cost of medical insurance for the average American family
  • Steps we can take to fix the system from the inside out
  • The reason community is necessary for health (in more ways than one)
  • Why medical group visits are the solution to loneliness
  • How KNEW health approach to copays
  • Whether cost-sharing model can really protect you if a big health problem strikes (I know a little about this one!)
  • And more!

Resources We Mention

Books James Recommends

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