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Are you intrigued by the cryptic title of this blog post?  Wondering what that “something” is that you’re supposed to be doing?  I guess you’ll have to keep reading.  Muahahaha

Working in the health industry can be overwhelming. Because I am obviously interested in all things health and wellness, I follow numerous Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and read lots of books on the subject. In addition to new, cool information and ideas can also come a huge sense of overwhelm. One day I read eggs are nature’s gift to health, the next I read that eggs will make your arteries clog faster than a drain at a sorority house.

Both sides claim their findings are based in extensive scientific research. Same thing with sugar, butter, vegetable oils, saturated fats, probiotics- you name it! This nutrition ping pong is enough to make you strain your neck. How much stuff do we have the capacity to care about? Especially in the food world, where most people give negative shits anways, hehe.


So what’s a health professional to do? Health professional aside, what’s a regular Joe grocery shopper supposed to do? Throw your hands up and keep eating Cookie Crisp for breakfast and fried chicken for dinner because F it, we’re all gonna die anyway?! Trust me, I feel you. I have pulled a YOLO in the food consumption category on many occasions. Have no fear though, fam. I’ve got your healthy back. I army crawl through piles of food information and bring the good stuff back to you clenched in my teeth. Through this food warfare I have come up with a personal mantra that keeps me (semi) sane. It is: You can’t do everything, but you can do SOMETHING.


I think this phrase applies to lots of issues that can seem overwhelming- water shortages, litter, homelessness, cleaning out your closet, weeding your yard, etc.  When I went vegetarian 5 years ago, I didn’t do everything at once. I cut out beef and poultry but continued to eat seafood. Eventually, seafood fell by the wayside as well. As I kept reading and researching, more whole foods and less processed foods because a standard for me. Then I added in green smoothies with weird sounding ingredients like spirulina. Now I am trying to release my body from dairy’s cheesy claws. If someone would have told me at the very beginning of my journey that I wouldn’t be eating cheese or making myself scrambled eggs every morning, I would have punched them in the face and ran away. It’s overwhelming when you try to look at the very end goal and all the steps and obstacles it takes to get there.

Now look at me- just happily chewin’ on plants.

Take a look at your health goals. Maybe you’re trying to eat less sugar. Instead of thinking “OMG, I’ll never be able to eat dessert again!!!!”, take a step back. Look at your daily habits. Maybe first you swap your morning Fruity Pebbles for something with less sugar. Or you swap soda for sparkling flavored water. Once you have integrated that new habit and the world hasn’t crumbled around you, move to the next thing. Trade your nightly ice cream habit for an all fruit, homemade popsicle or “nice” cream made out of frozen bananas. Just because you can’t fathom obliterating every granule of sugar from your diet doesn’t mean you can’t do something right now. There are small, extremely easy swaps you can integrate right away that really won’t completely shake up your whole universe. Take it from someone who started out as a bacon cheeseburger pounding, ice cream addict. You can do this!


So, what will your “something” be that you can do to improve your health right now?  I want you to think of one thing that will make your body and mind healthier and happier and just freaking do it.  Seriously, go do it and stick with it, and then do another thing.  Are you doing it yet??? Let me know what you’re doing in the comments below!