Dane Johnson on Using Mindset to Change Health

214: Using Mindset and Personalization to Make Lifelong Health Changes With Dane Johnson


Dane Johnson is a new friend of mine who just happens to be a board-certified holistic nutritionist, the founder of Crohn’s Colitis Lifestyle, and the co-founder of the nonprofit eFundYourHealth. As you can imagine, it’s hard for us to run out of topics to talk about.

I’ve heard about a lot of incredible health transformations in my time, but Dane’s is at the top of the list. At the age of 26 he had a near-death experience during an unexpected bout with Crohn’s and colitis. He dropped to 124 pounds and was told he would live on drugs for the rest of his life and go through multiple surgeries (and that was the best-case scenario.)

Dane eventually turned to holistic medicine to eliminate his symptoms. Not only did he regain 55 pounds of lean muscle, he is now able to function without any drugs and has a thriving career as a speaker, author, health coach, and model for a self-empowering lifestyle. I’m glad to have him here so you can hear firsthand how he did it and what he’s learned along the way.

Episode Highlights With Dane Johnson

  • How Dane went from a Crohn’s patient weighing only 124 pounds to the picture of health
  • A surprising reason chronic disease is on the rise
  • How to find real health answers in a sea of misinformation
  • The microbiome changes that are affecting all of us
  • How Dane took 40 days and drastically improved his health
  • The biggest factors he sees as causing the rise in inflammation
  • What a day in the life looks like for him to maintain health and healing
  • How mindset physically affects us every single day
  • Four keys to food philosophy that let any diet work for you
  • How to change your body by nourishing your mind first and foremost
  • What to do if you’re eating clean and “doing all the right things” but not getting results

Resources We Mention

Learn more about Dane Johnson at CrohnsColitisLifestyle.com

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