Are You Super Responsible? Perhaps It’s Time for You to Act Up!

Are you someone who is super responsible? Who always does what you’re supposed to do? If so, here are four ways for you to go crazy and act up — four good ways that is!

1. Misbehave — do what you damn well feel like doing.

What do misbehaving kids do? They do stuff adults don’t want them to do. Hence, since you’re responsible so much of the time, how about doing stuff that you’d deem irresponsible? Perhaps, splurge on a purchase. Or binge on your favorite TV series. Or post a provocative photo on social media? Want to spend the day in your PJ’s? Want to take the last ice cream bar? Want to be a beach bum for a week instead of working, working, working? Or just veg out and do absolutely nothing.

Whatever you do — after your initial discomfort — let it bring a smile to your face, joy to your heart. But isn’t it absurd for a responsible person to do these things? Yup, it is. So, go crazy! You deserve it. We all need to let loose from time to time. No excuses. No apologies. Just do it. Act like a person who doesn’t much care about social restraints — even if you do. 

2. Compliment yourself — out loud!

If you’re always busy doing stuff, chances are you’re neglecting to give enough attention to a very special person. Who’s that? Why, you, of course. So, compliment yourself — not just in your head, but out loud.

Maybe one day you were ready to let loose on your least favorite family member but held back, saying nothing nasty. Don’t you deserve a compliment for that? Perhaps, “I’m proud of you” fits the bill! And what about the time you tackled a truly tough task? That certainly is deserving of a shout-out “good job!”

Kids hear that phrase incessantly while most adults never hear it. Change that right now! But if I talk to myself out loud, doesn’t that mean I’m daft? Ready for the funny farm? Not at all. It’s just a sign you’re letting go of social constraints to show yourself a little appreciation.

3. Break the Rules

You know the rules. You set them. You abide by them. You do what you’re supposed to do. Well now, isn’t it time to give yourself a break from the rules. Throw them away for a day. Perhaps a week? Or even a month? You be the decider.

You can break the rules, bend the rules, shift the rules or let the rules simply sag. A world without rules! How can that be? Come on, you work hard. You’re responsible. You deserve some time away from your stringent perfectionism.

4. Be Your Alter Ego

Your brain is constantly bombarded with competing messages. The executive part of your brain tells you to buckle down and do what you’re supposed to do. But your alter ego — the emotional part of your brain — doesn’t want to be bothered. Both parts compete to be head honcho. Who wins out? As a responsible person, it’s usually the executive part. But you don’t want to become Mr. Spock, that icon of rationality, do you? So, make sure to give your alter ego sufficient time in the sun. Doing what you feel like doing, not what you should be doing. But that’s so irresponsible! Yes it is. But, it’s time for you to go crazy — in a good way. 

So, what do you think? Can you do it? Can you be a responsible person and still act up from time to time? You know it won’t be easy, but so what? You acknowledge the need for self-discipline, perseverance and hard work. Yet, you also know you need a break from all of that. You know that it makes no sense to say you want to take it easy, but you don’t do anything about it. You’re tired of overworking; you’re fed up with feeling frustrated. You’ve ready to eliminate your buts and can’t’s and make it happen! 

When the student is ready, the master will appear. This is not only Zen philosophy; this is appreciating the power of the committed mind to work and do as well as relax and enjoy.

©2019 Linda Sapadin, Ph.D. 

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