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You and your partner may be super into each other right now, but will it last? Get an idea with this quiz.

July 15, 2019


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How Often Do You Fight?


We never fight.

Every once in a while, but we usually get over it pretty quickly.

Probably as much as any other couple.

We’re always fighting.

Is It Easy To Talk With One Another About Difficult Topics?


Totally! We don’t have any secrets.

Yes, but sometimes it’s difficult to get a tough conversation started.

Not really.

Not at all. We always end up fighting.

How Often Do You Laugh Together?


All the time! We crack each other up.

We tend to be pretty serious when we’re together.

My partner laughs at me. Does that count?

We laugh at the same time, like during a funny movie, but it’s hardly laughing together.

You And Your Partner Disagree On Where You Should Spend Your Date Night. What Do You Do?


Do what my partner wants to do. It’s not that big of deal.

Insist on doing what I want to do.

Try to come up with a compromise.

Do one idea tonight, then save the other idea for next week.

If Your Partner Doesn’t Immediately Respond To Your Text, You…


Don’t mind. They have their own lives and are probably busy.

Maybe send a few more texts to bug them until they respond.

Definitely call them.

Text and leave them a nasty message. They always needs to respond ASAP!

Your Partner Is Still Friends With A Bunch Of Exes. How Do You Feel About That?


I can’t stand it.

I get a bit jealous sometimes, but we’ve talked about it, and I trust my S.O.

I love it. Anyone who can stay friends with exes is pretty mature in my book.

Eh. It’s no big deal either way.

How Often Do You Go On Dates Together?


Every week.

A couple of times per month.

We’ve been going out so long that we don’t really “date” anymore.

Every couple of months.

How Long Have You And Your Partner Been Together?


A couple of weeks.

A couple of months.

At least a year.

Two or more years.

Do You Share A Lot Of The Same Hobbies And Interests?


Totally! We’re virtually carbon copies of one another.

A few. We never have a problem figuring out what to do for a date.

Not many. We like the variety, though.

None at all. But opposites attract…right?

Have You Talked About Serious Long-Term Commitments (Marriage, Children, Etc.)?


Yes, and we’re on the same page.

Yes, but one of us doesn’t really like talking about it.

No, but we’re not that serious yet.

No, because I feel like we’d have major disagreements.

Is Your Partner Ever Jealous When You Spend Time With Friends Or Family?


Never. We each have busy lives with our respective friends.

Sometimes, but we always talk about it before it gets out of hand.

Pretty often, but I still do what I want.

All the time, and I have to monitor who I hang out with.

How Do Your Bffs Feel About Your Partner?


We’re all close to one another.

My close friends can take or leave my partner.

We…don’t all hang out together. Things get ugly.

What BFFs? It’s just me and my boo these days.

You’ve Had A Terrible Day. What Do You Do?


Call my partner. I know they’ll cheer me up.

Spend some time alone, then maybe spend time with my partner later.

I prefer to be alone. I’d rather not see my partner at all.

Spend time with my partner.

When Your Partner Has To Cancel Plans, You…


Totally understand. Sometimes things come up.

Understand, but still get a little upset.

Get mad, and make sure they know it.

Give them the silent treatment for a few days.

Are You Comfortable With Moments Of Silence Together?


Not really. I feel nervous when the conversation flags.

Nope, but it’s okay. We’re always chattering together.

Yes! Just being with each other is enough.

Sometimes. We like a mix of conversation and silence.

Have You Ever Cheated On Your Partner?


Do You Talk To Your Partner Every Day?


It’s Your S.O.’s Birthday. What Do You Do?


Plan a huge surprise party with all the partner’s friends and family.

Take them out for a long, romantic dinner—just the two of us.

Give them an expensive gift, but don’t worry too much about the party.

Nothing. They always forget my birthday, and turnabout is fair play.

Do You Ever Disagree With Your Partner About The Amount Of Time You Spend Together?


Yes, one of us wants to spend more time together.

No, we’re both on the same page.

Do You Feel Like You Can Be Your Authentic Self Around Your Partner?



Usually yes, but there’s a few things I don’t share.

Sometimes, but I’m often scared of being judged.

Not really. I don’t think they’d like the real me.

Your S.O. Has A Piece Of Toilet Paper Stuck To Their Shoe. What Do You Do?


Quietly point it out so my partner can take care of the situation discreetly.

Point, laugh, and announce it to the room, because this is hilarious!

Don’t say anything. I don’t want to embarass anyone.

Snap a pic and save it for our next fight.

Would You Tell A Lie To Make Your Partner Happy?


Can You Both Easily Bounce Back After An Argument?


Yup. Water under the bridge.

It might take an afternoon, but neither of us hold grudges.

Usually. But sometimes it’s difficult to move past some disagreements.

Not really. We need a long recovery time after a big fight.

Do You Ever Dream About Your Partner?


Never. We get enough of each other when we’re awake.

Yep, all the time, and they’re always romantic!

Sometimes, but those dreams are private…

Only very rarely, and it isn’t pleasant.

Have You Or Your Partner Ever Given A Relationship Ultimatum?


Yes, one of us said that we’d leave if things didn’t change.

Yes, but we’ve worked hard to strengthen our relationship since then.

No, but I’d use an ultimatum if necessary.

No, I avoid ultimatums.

Do You Feel Comfortable Crying In Front Of Your Partner?


Yes, we are both able to cry without judgement.

Most of the time.

I feel embarrassed, but I still do it.

No, it’s too stressful to cry in front of them.

How Do Your Rate Your Partner’s Kissing Ability?


My S.O. is the world champion of kissing.

That’s not really important to me.

My partner isn’t the greatest kisser in the world, but we’re working on it.

We don’t kiss.

How Do You Feel About Your Significant Other’s Family?


I love my partner’s family.

I’m indifferent towards my partner’s family.

I dislike my partner’s family, but I don’t show it.

I’m constantly fighting with my partner’s family.

How Do You Feel About Public Displays Of Affection?


My S.O. and I sometimes hold hands in public, but that’s about it.

We’re all about the PDA. We can’t get enough of each other.

PDA is and always will be kinda gross.

We’re pretty lovey-dovey, in public or at home.

Your Partner Develops A Serious Snoring Problem. How Do You React?


I wake up my partner whenever they start snoring.

I start sleeping on the couch.

I buy my partner the finest CPAP machine on the market.

I make my partner go sleep on the couch.

How Does Your Partner Feel About Your Family?


They love my family.

They don’t seem to mind my family.

They dislike my family (I think).

They definitely don’t get along with my family.

Your S.O. Admits To Cheating On You. Do Your Forgive Them?


It won’t be easy, but with enough talk, I think I could forgive.

I would forgive my partner anything.

Never, ever, ever, ever. Never.

I would neither forgive nor forget. That’s the ultimate betrayal.

An Evil Baron Offers You $1 Million To Break Up With Your Partner. Do You?


No way! You can’t buy love like this.

Honestly, I’d think about it. That’s a lot of money.

Maybe we could break up, take the cash, split it, and then get back together.

I would make that deal any day of the week.

Your Partner Says That They’re Unhappy With Their Career. What Do You Do?


Try to help them find another career, even if that means paying the bills for a while.

Tell them to stop complaining and make a change!

I listen to them but don’t give them advice—people don’t always want advice.

My partner doesn’t have a career.

How Quickly Does Your Relationship Recover After A Fight?


Pretty much immediately.

It takes a while, but we get there.

We have trouble dropping the disagreement and moving on.

It doesn’t. We’ll eventually bring up the disagreement after weeks or months.

Your Partner Gets A Promotion. Are You Happy For Them?


Of course. Their success is my success.

Yes, but I might be a little jealous.

I say that I am, but secretly, I’m not.

I’m not happy, because the news might change the relationship.

Would You Describe Your Partner As Your Best Friend?


Yes, of course.

Truthfully…no, but we’re good friends.

No, I don’t believe your partner has to be your friend.

They definitely don’t rank towards the top of the list.

How Often Do You Think About Your Partner When You’re Not Together?



Every once in a while, but I’m not obsessed.

Not very often.

Rarely, if ever.

You Have To Marry Your Partner Immediately, Or You Can Never Marry. You…


Get married, even if this isn’t the perfect time.

Pass. We’re not at that stage yet.

Pass. I’m not sure they’re the one.

I don’t believe in marriage.

You Get The Opportunity To Re-Live The First Three Months Of Your Relationship. What Do You Do?


Do it. There’s nothing like finding love for the first time.

Do it, but I do some things differently this time.

Do it, because those were the happiest times we’ve had together.

I don’t do it. I’m happy with where we’re at.

You’re made for each other.


Overall, you’ve got a strong, healthy relationship. You’ve got mature ideas regarding relationship maintenance, and so does your partner. Keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll enjoy a lifelong romance with your true love.

It’s not meant to be.


Don’t panic; if you’re really into your partner, you can work on things like communication to improve the quality of the relationship. However, if you’re not ready to put in some serious work, it might be time to move on.

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